We recognize your need to have a one stop solution environment for your go to market needs.  To aid in meeting your needs we have service partners to seamlessly provide you with best in class assembly, logistics and displays as needed.


  • Certified - AIB, Department of Agriculture, BRC

  • Electronics to food - We do it all!

  • Prepackaged food handling and packout

  • US (Cincinnati) and non-US operations (EMEA)

  • Product and display assembly with large scale ability

Logistics - Retail Distribution - Manifesting

  • Location

    • US - Cincinnati / 1-2 days to 70% of US population / central to US retail concentration
    • EMEA - In the heart of EMEA in Alsdorf, Germany
  • Retail distribution services

    • Currently working with most major chains and channels
    • EDI / returns / secure on-line reporting / financial reporting
    • Ability to create UPCs and utilize our vendor numbers with most major retailers
  • Inventory management and warehousing

    • 100,000 pallet locations / 300,000 square feet of secure warehouse space with overflow
  • Order processing, manifesting & fulfillment


  • Solution focused

    • Temporary displays / semi-permanent display / permanent displays
    • Signage kits / retail packaging / assembly and fulfillment
    • Shopper marketing
  • Material neutral

  • Budget conscious