Why Kreative?

Our approach, our expertise, our pace, and our results...

The Kreative Team is experienced, creative, energetic, and most of all persistent. They’ve been able to open doors to lucrative categories outside of the pedestrian approach to traditional sales. They are extremely devoted to brand growth. Additionally, their admin support is stellar. Professionals all around. I highly recommend their retail knowhow and expertise.
— Client A
I have been very impressed with what The Kreative Group has been able to do for us. In a very short period of time, we went from Licensing & Product Development to Seamless Distribution through McLane and into Walmart. Their attention to detail in analytics and customer knowledge has been instrumental in executing our promotional programs. Their reporting and recommended adjustments have been able to maintain the optimal stock levels needed to ensuring the success of our product. We look forward to a continued mutually prosperous relationship!
— Client B
Kreative is a professional firm with years of experience innovating products and taking them successfully to market. Their mix of industry knowledge, licensing, experienced retail specialists, and successful track record are an essential addition to your team.
— Client C